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"A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever"  
John Keats, Endymion, 1818

     Keats was not the first nor would he be the last to express this oft-quoted sentiment.  Nor could he know the prophetic nature of his declaration.

     Just eight years after the writing of "Endymion", the earliest known surviving camera image came into being.  Long in occurring, this event marked the beginning of a "forever" that Keats could not have envisioned.

     Ensuing technological and artistic refinements in the camera and, consequently, in photography, placed within reach just about everything that could be known regarding nearly every aspect of the human experience including the good and the bad and...well, you probably know the rest.      Of all inventions, the camera must surely be somewhere near the top (if not, in fact, at the top) of any list of "most important".   But more significantly, all that mankind has the will to see, to learn and to know can be captured, frozen in time and preserved indefinitely because of it. 

And the real joy.

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