About Ordering


Select an image and click on it. To purchase, click on the Add to Cart button beneath it. For closer viewing you can enlarge most of the images by clicking  a.)  the magnifying glass icon, or, b.) by clicking on the image itself.  You may also hover over an image and/or "drag"  it to view any part of it more closely. To start the process over or to return to the original image, click anywhere outside the image field.
For Checkout, just follow the directions.  Once payment is made you will receive a receipt from fotofinity.net with three columns containing all of your order information.  On the far right of the receipt, you will see the Download column.  It will specify each ordered image by a clickable link. Click and download.
Depending upon conditions at the time of initial exposure, an image may not enlarge but will pop up with a "frame" around it.  The frame means that the image you clicked on is enlarged on the website as far as possible.   Once downloaded, however, you can enlarge or reduce in size all images  purchased.

For easier viewing, see all 91 images at the same time by clicking  on the Shop menu heading.

Your purchased fotofinity.net images are yours to use in any way you wish.  You can make them smaller, larger or use any portion of an image.  Put them on coffee mugs or on T-shirts. Design your own personalized greeting cards or have them converted to canvas and use them as wall art either framed or unframed.  The possibilities are endless.  Consider transporting your images to disc for easily accessible future use.